We Did It Again! We Won Bloomington’s Top Award for Lawn Care Services for 2016!

Once again Penguinal Lawn Services has triumphed! This makes two years in a row; for the second consecutive year Penguinal Lawn Services has beaten out all the other Bloomington lawn care services companies in the market to win Bloomington’s top award for lawn care services.

The announcement was made on July 5 by Sydney McKenzie, the chairman of the Bloomington Lawn Care Services Association.

Mr. McKenzie said that there were a total of seven judges this year, compared to five judges last year, and so arguably the award has even more meaning this year than last year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members, the readers of this private blog, for all the work they did this year to bring this honor to us.

I would especially like to thank Freddie Lopez our general manager for all the efforts he has made this year, and every year, to put together a winning team. I really think that Freddie is the key to everything, and I am sure that all of you agree with me.



I would also like to thank Theresa Moraga, the lead receptionist, for the very tight team that she has put together this year. The judges made it very clear that one of the main reasons why Penguinal Lawn Services won the award this year was, just like last year, because of the excellence of our telephone answering service.

Most other lawn care companies in Bloomington, of course, do not have designated receptionists like we do, but are content to greet customers with a voicemail recording. That is not, however, the way we do business at Penguinal. We have always had a designated receptionist to answer all incoming calls, because that’s the way Freddie Lopez has always declared it should be.

President Throckmorton was so overcome to hear the news of our second great success in a row that has declared that there will be a barbecue party for all employees this weekend. We will be sending you all a text message in the next two or three hours to give you all the details.

Thank you to you all! Every single one of you is nothing less than the greatest! here is another Lawn care link

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